10% off all passes and merchandise this month!

Open House Oct 10, 10-3.  Free classes, snacks and prizes!  Bring a friend!

Enter to win a year pass by submitting your favorite Shanti story to shantiyoga@mail.com draw will be made at the birthday dance!

Akashic Training October 16-18.  


 Chakra Juice Cleanse starts October 19.  

Shanti is turning 10!  Join us in October for celebrations! Visit our events page for more information!

Shanti Yoga Studio

Our warm and welcoming yoga studio is infused with bright natural light, creating a calming space to enjoy in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Our passion for yoga also extends to a strong passion for the health of our planet. In the studio we use low VOC paints on the walls, recycled paper products, and earth friendly cleaning products. As a socially conscious business, we are dedicated to supporting not only the health of others through yoga but actively supporting the health of our communities and the environment.