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Summer Solstice Blessings

Summer solstice is coming up on June 21.  On Friday, June 22 I will be offering a solstice celebration.  A gathering of the community together to celebrate all of the positive pieces of your life!  What feeds you and, what do you want to throw into the fire?  

We will start the evening with a slow and connected movement class from 6:30-8:00 PM. After class, dinner will be served in the garden.  Once satiated by dinner, we will gather around a bonfire and celebrate all that has grown in your life since the winter solstice.

Spending as much time outside on this day to allow ourselves to fully appreciate the gift of the light.  This is the longest day with the shortest shadow.  It's where time seems to stand still if just for a moment before it starts it's decent back into the darkness of winter.  Let's embrace this time together and enjoy what it!

Cost is $50 per person.  Please confirm with payment by Wednesday, June 20.  Payment can be made by e-transfer to

I'm looking forward to seeing you!