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The Power Of Breath: Part 2

Prana is the vital life force which moves through our bodies via the breath.  When allowed prana will move into every part of your body, interpenetrating each cell.  Most importantly prana is the link which connects your physical body, astral (the energy field around your body), your mind and your emotions.

Our breath is the most powerful tool for transformation.  It can heal your body, maintain health, and calm your mind.   It can also soothe frayed nerves.  There is a neural connection between your emotions, your brain and your heart.  When you experience intense emotions, like fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, and worry your body's respiratory and cardiovascular systems are greatly affected through this neural connection.  Your breath and heart rate speed up, this has a great effect on your ability to think clearly, as well as affect you physically.  If your systems get distorted we can get stuck here!  

In level 2 we will be working with various pranayama (breathing) techniques. The practice will incorporate breath and movement and is designed to help you make the most effective use of your prana, or vital life force.  It can help things like depression, anxiety, insomnia and asthma, digestive disorders as well as other health problems.

Please come dressed for practice.  If you attended level 1 please bring your notebook. If you did not attend level 1 and have not taken classes with me, please come and do a drop in class before level 2.

April 29, 2018

2:00 - 4:00 PM

Cost $35

Please register and pay in advance to hold a spot.  Space is limited.