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Rene Johnson

Rene realized in retrospect that yoga has been an influential part of her life for a very long time. Coming from a family where yoga, holistic and metaphysical thinking was not the norm it has been an interesting integration. Rene loves the diversity of yoga and it’s effects. It changes feelings of melancholy to contentment. It offers a clear mind, and a healthy energized body. The synthesis of her eclectic accumulation of life experiences has brought her to the place she is now. She is the proud owner of Shanti Yoga, with the opportunity to do what she loves; teach yoga.

As a teacher with two decades of practice and over a decade teaching full-time, she challenges students to see who they are, and to show them how to emerge more fully into themselves by being more aware of each moment, each movement and each breath. “There are so many things that I still want to learn, and my list continues to grow. I love sharing what I learn with others. Yoga for me is an integration of my life. I have had some very profound changes in my journey, which have greatly affected my quality of life. I am filled with gratitude.