Rene Johnson

Rene realized in retrospect that yoga has been an influential part of her life for a very long time. Coming from a family where yoga, holistic and metaphysical thinking was not the norm it has been an interesting integration. Rene loves the diversity of yoga and it’s effects. It changes feelings of melancholy to contentment. It offers a clear mind, and a healthy energized body. The synthesis of her eclectic accumulation of life experiences has brought her to the place she is now. She is the proud owner of Shanti Yoga, with the opportunity to do what she loves; teach yoga.

As a teacher with two decades of practice and over a decade teaching full-time, she challenges students to see who they are, and to show them how to emerge more fully into themselves by being more aware of each moment, each movement and each breath. “There are so many things that I still want to learn, and my list continues to grow. I love sharing what I learn with others. Yoga for me is an integration of my life. I have had some very profound changes in my journey, which have greatly affected my quality of life. For this I am grateful! . Through laughter, sweat and sometimes tears, we learn and grow together.”

Kat Boehm

Kat was introduced to the practice of yoga via meditation. Sitting her first 10-day retreat her body ached, her mind unruly and questioning her decision to sit a silent meditation retreat, thankfully a yoga instructor was leading daily classes! Moving the body and breathing deeply allowed ease, space and surrender to transform the doubt, agitation and stagnant energy.

She was hooked and began practicing instantly. Kat obtained her first yoga Teacher Certificate in India and then followed up with the Yoga Association of Alberta. Most recently she completed her Pilates Matwork Certificate. With her diversity of practice, travel, and Buddhist retreats Kat offers classes filled with ease, laughter, knowledge and release. Visit her website

Tori Lunden

Tori's classes are a light-hearted and eclectic experience. Her goal is always to create a safe and inclusive environment where students are free to learn and explore. She delights in teaching people who, like her, never thought yoga was something they could do, much less enjoy. Tori hesitantly began attending yoga classes in 2003 to help her recuperate from rugby injuries. While the physical benefits were undeniable, it was the quiet and nurturing nature of the practice that kept her coming back. Over a decade later, her knees and back have healed and she has an appreciation for both her body and her life that she never thought possible. Visit her website

Complemented by a degree in Social Work, Tori has completed several yoga teacher training programs and has been teaching since 2008.

Brea Johnson

Brea Johnson has been practicing yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2003.  With a love for learning and studying the human body she has studied extensively over the years in yoga, anatomy and biomechanics.  Brea leads retreats and workshops in Canada and Internationally and is known for her warm engaging teaching style with a down to earth and acccesible approach to yoga.  She doesn't care if you can do a one-armed handstand or contort your body into 'advanced' postures.  Brea's main focus as a teacher is to provide a safe foundation of healthy movement while remaining focused in the heart of the yogic teachings.  As the popularity of yoga increases along with yoga-related injuries, this approach has made her a much sought-after teacher in the wellness and yoga community. Visit her website  and on Facebook Heart and Bones Yoga

Dawn Lamothe

Yoga has an ever changing quality, which allows all people, at all times, to find a place and a way to practice.Dawn's classes are very much inspired by Shiva Rea and her Elemental Vinyasa focus since studying with her. You can still expect a style of teaching highlighting alignment for maximum safety and benefit; a strong and integrated whole body approach and the no non-sense, touch based teaching that years of practice have brought her.

 BA, MA, Doctoral Candidate Expressive Arts

ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher)

Acro Yoga Montreal Level 2 Certified Teacher


Kyla Fischer

Practicing Yoga and Meditation continually brings me back to truth, it teaches me to just be myself. I began practicing yoga in 1998 and discovered that along with building a stronger and more flexible body, yoga brought a distinct calmness into her normally chaotic mind.  Instead of feeling that I was being tossed here and there by the circumstances of life, I began to find roots; a landing pad from which I could live with more confidence and ease.

In 2010 Kyla completed her first training with Yogi Vishvketu and since has also received YogaWorks and Yin Yoga Certifications. 

"As an instructor, my goal is to create an accepting atmosphere where students of all levels can replenish and challenge themselves.  I am truly honored to share the joy and peace that yoga offers".

Sadie Friesen

My journey began the first day I stepped on the mat with a vision that felt so far away but is now my reality. Not being able to even touch my toes made me curious as to how my teacher was able to fold in half with ease. That day I fell in love with the body and breath and the idea of linking them together to create such a holistic experience. Always enjoying yoga sporadically through out the years, 2013 was when I committed myself to a daily practice. With this commitment and sense of devotion over the months I felt the passion and calling to share the love I have for yoga. With having completed my 200hr YTT with Michele Theoret and currently working on my 500hr (Empowered Yoga) my practice has forever changed... On and off the mat. To me yoga is conscious movement which creates, transforms, empowers, and unites. I practice yoga because yoga has inspired my life in all aspects; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and ethically. I believe one of the many soulful purposes of yoga is to create space; defining space as a place where all matter exists and infinite are the possibilities. I am passionate to be apart of and to share this conscious movement upwards. May we forever be students learning with enough challenge to grow. 

Corinne McNally

Corinne's friendly and joyful personality brings honest, humor and an open heart to her teaching. Corinne has a background in performing arts as well as communications, she balances and integrates these skills in her flowing classes with breath, alignment, strength and ease.   Corinne incorporates a love of yoga in all aspects of her life, including her work as a Certified Doula (DONA) and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner (RTM).

In 2009 Corinne traveled to Rishikesh, India and completed a 500 hour advanced Teacher Training form World Conscious Yoga Family with Yogi Vishvketu.

For more information on Doula care or Thai Yoga Massage please visit

"My interest in yoga was ignited in 2001.  In the last decade yoga has become for me an ongoing study of inner transformation - a journey of deep healing". 


Melanie Pelletier

Melanie truly fell in love with yoga once she started practicing from within.  She loves how yoga can be applied in her day-to-day life by being present, happy and at peace with herself and others!  This led her to getting a 200Hr Power Yoga teacher certification with Empowered Yoga.  Melanie's creative thinking, open mindedness and caring qualities allow students to feel comfortable trying poses they may have previously worried about.  Come to class prepared to let go of what doesn't serve you, grow your strengths and connect to your heart through breath!

"Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it's stupid" ~ Albert Einstein

Savannah Schultz

Throughout my life I have used different artistic modalities as a way to communicate, share, and offer devotion; for me, the craft of teaching is no different. Teaching has challenged me in many ways, but most particularly in creating a practice that captures a complete experience. Everything is considered - from music (a very important consideration) to mood, I create a practice where the deliberate and intentional can still leave room for the dynamic and unpredictable. By incorporating meditation and pranayama, what this all boils down to is a deeply connected and physically challenging practice.

What I want to instill in my students most is the importance of getting know the teacher within ourselves, and to encourage students to adapt what I share into something that works for them. Each breath, posture, moment, is an opportunity to inform your practice.


Kat Villain

I have been teaching yoga since I walked out of the Ashram in India where I took my first yoga course. Since then my travels have led me to teaching on the road in 10 countries and counting. I have 1,300 hours of teaching and 600+ hours of training. I moved around relentlessly, almost obsessively, until I found a teacher that had something informative and transformative to say.

I finally found this information at Katonah Yoga in NYC. Through Nevine Michaan’s teaching I have challenged and changed the perspective I have about yoga and the universe. My focus is on community, on training others to live skillful and joyous lives within the stressful demands society places on us. 

Sheena Mason

The true meaning of Yoga (Union), as my path is consistently delivering me to the shores of the unexpected. Where I trade my plotted expectations for freedom as it stitches my parts together in all their beauty, loveliness, vulnerability, clinging, scared forms. As I weave, I am ever grateful to my teachers, peers, students, family and friends for their constant deliverance to the universal lesson of allowance, as there is no greater space for all parts, all beings to reside than in the space of the unconditioned heart.

I have completed a 200hr YTT training with World Conscious Yoga family that awoke my dormant heart. And continue to steep in the yoga of the mind with Isabelle Addison.

 Followed by 300hr YTT with Gaiatri Yoga Teacher Training were I continue to learn the the possibilities in human love and the practical philosophy of yoga from Ally Bogard. This is also where I met my Yoga Nidra/ Meditation/ Spiritual teacher Tanis Fishman whom I have taken additional 50hr Yoga Nidra YTT with. In her patience, I move through thresholds of consciousness I never thought possible. I have experienced deep understanding, healing and awareness from her teachings.
 And now, working towards the completion of of my 200hr Katonah Yoga YTT were My friend and Teacher Kathlyn Villain teaches me about the function and integrative understanding of my body in a way that is both practical, esoteric and creates a tangible vessel for all other teachings.