Breathe. With our stressful lives, we often forget that our busy heads are attached to a body and spirit that needs respite. Helping to decrease stress related illness such as anxiety and depression, classes at Shanti Yoga offer you the space to become acquainted with yourself in a mindful practice and a supportive community.

 I offer compassion and years of experience with extensive and diverse training to my teachings, be it yoga classes, workshops, trainings or retreats. I am also a certified Reiki practitioner and personal chef.  I offer in town personal retreats as well as private Yoga and Reiki sessions. I would love to cook for you for your retreat, or event..

Movement, touch, energy and meditation are used to counteract the accumulation of daily stress buildup. Thus resulting in a whole body/mind approach to wellness and healing through initiating our body's own natural healing abilities to reset, and recreate the holding patterns which create dis-ease. 

A holistic approach to healing includes clean healthy eating, enjoying nature, movement of body, calming the mind as well as the power of community.  For me this encompasses music, art, gardening/enjoying nature and cooking to be integrated into life. Beauty and love inspire and heal like nothing else!