New to Yoga?

With so many different options, which is the best class for me?

Most of our classes are appropriate for all levels. No matter what class you take, our teachers are adept at modifying for each individual. All of the classes are taught from a foundation of healthy alignment with a focus on improving mobility and stability, while developing self-awareness through movement, postures and breath.  

Looking for something more relaxing?

Yin, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Backs  will be the classes for you. Gentle movements, using props to support and nurture you at a slower pace to calm your mind and body.  Students can relieve the tension and stresses of daily lives as well as working without the pressure of working beyond their comfort level.  Designed to decrease pain and discomfort of a neglected body or one recovering from injury, allowing you to work toward regaining strength and flexibility.

Something more active?

The flow classes continuously move your body integrating strength and flexibility in a non-stop shift from posture to posture.  The flow classes vary from slower basic movements to progressively more advanced.  We support slower movements and believe in the healing aspects associated with the ability to slow down and stay present.  Our teachers encourage a mindful state to practice from, which supports healing  physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation (Vipassana) is the art of clear seeing and stability of mind.  Using the breath to focus the mind it becomes centered and calm.   Once the mind is calm observation can be present.  

Mindfulness is good for your body, your mind and increasing grey matter density.  What this means for you is the increased ability to tune out distractions, improving memory and attention skills, regulating emotions and aiding in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.  The benefits are innumerable and continue to unfold within the rise of receptivity to the neutral unfolding of events both inner and outer. In this class you will be instructed and guided on the principles of Meditation.


New to Shanti?

About the studio

The homey atmosphere creates a soothing  environment which sets you at ease at once. We are a smaller one room studio, which means smaller class sizes and more hands on instruction, with personal interaction.

With respect to those sensitive to fragrances we ask that you refrain from wearing strong scents.  We also refrain from burning incense.

At Shanti Yoga, we keep our prices down to enable you to experience a unique practice environment in the downtown core.  We offer use of mats and props for free.